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As information technologies diversify and become embedded in our everyday lives, the technologies we expose animals to, and the new computing methods and technologies being developed for animals (and inspired by animals) are increasing. This website is founded to report scientifically upon topics concerning what we coin as “Animals-in-Computing,” which here we broadly describe as the intersection between animal sciences and cognition and computing to investigate how to build, design and use information, communication and computing systems for and with animals. 

Through our blog posts, we pull together works in computing and animal-related technologies to bring you the latest pertaining to how computing is improving our understanding of animal world, and our understanding of the world with animals as participants in computing technology. We report not only how we use computing and information technologies to advance our understanding of the physical and cognitive states of animals but also upon how animals participate in technology systems directly, as a part of the entire computing ecosystems environments and society at large. We welcome information on datasets and other artifacts needed to support reproducibility of results in academic and research programs in computing that involve animals of all species. As such, this blog is not about any particular animal science, such as biology, animal medicine, or science of animal welfare or ethics directly, but instead focuses upon how computing and information technologies can intersect in various ways with animal related sciences of the sort, and more broadly. 

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This website is maintained and ran by Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas and Admela Jukan who both work and research in the animal-computing field.

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